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I feel like you taught me a whole new world yesterday in 1 hour.  I'm so freaking excited!!!!

- Holly Nelson, Engel & Völkers, North Georgia Mountains 

Angie Carel

Angie Carel collaborates with companies to alleviate fears, generate enthusiasm, transform cultures, and maximize opportunities for successful AI adoption.

Transform your team with dynamic AI leadership.

Angie Carel


Fractional C(AI)MO

Part-time executive leadership focused on building an intrernal structure to support and implement AI strategies into a company's marketing and overall business operations.

AI Training

Educating in a group or one-on-one setting on the concepts, applications, and implementation of artificial intelligence to enhance their skills and understanding of AI technologies.

AI Advising

Guiding organizations in developing and implementing AI strategies, providing expert insights to optimize AI integration and maximize its benefits for the business.

Community AI Events

Interactive sessions that combine hands-on learning about AI technologies with opportunities for participants to connect, share insights, and collaborate with industry peers.

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I think the conversation was awesome. In my opinion your presentation was one of the most worthwhile ones we’ve had. 

- Amber Koser,  Interactive Media Instructor

Angie Carel

About Angie

As a dynamic AI leader, Angie helps companies overcome their fears, build enthusiasm, transform cultures, and seize opportunities for successful AI adoption.

With over 20 years of strategic marketing leadership, her career is defined by a deep-seated understanding in brand strategy, communications, and creative leadership. 

Angie approaches AI with a positive attitude, acknowledging the potential risks but staying enthusiastic about the enormous potential opportunities. She speaks, leads workshops, and facilitates community events where people of all skill levels can learn new tools, discuss ethical and responsible use, and learn a systematized approach to adopting AI.

She works as a Fractional C(AI)MO, AI Advisor, and Consultant, with a primary focus on culture transformation, spearheading AI adoption, and building AI roadmaps for long term success.

Driven by the vision that humans play the most impactful role in our world, Angie believes that as we navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of AI, the role of humans becomes even more indispensable.


Her dedication to advocating, learning and professional growth underscores a broader ambition: to be recognized as a pivotal leader in helping our community navigate and shape the future of AI.

AI in FW Logo

Join the AI in FW Community!

Next Event: June 7 | 10am

Angie advocates for gatherings that foster learning and growth through shared human experiences. She believes that the most profound insights and innovations emerge when diverse groups of people come together to share their knowledge and perspectives, irrespective of their industry or backgrounds.


That's why she has founded AI in FW, a thriving tech community for people in and around Fort Wayne, IN that gathers  each month, at 10am on the Electric Works campus to network and share knowledge.

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