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Meet Angie

As a marketing consultant with over two decades of experience, my focus is on helping clients leverage emerging technologies to enhance and grow their marketing systems. I believe that the strategic use of these advanced technologies can transform businesses, boosting efficiency, improving targeting, and driving impactful results.


My expertise includes the powerful use of storytelling through the StoryBrand framework. I understand the innate attraction consumers have to narratives that echo their experiences and aspirations. By aiding businesses in crafting compelling brand stories, I enable them to connect deeply with customers, fostering loyalty and driving conversions, thereby contributing to business growth.

However, storytelling is just one facet of my approach. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead of marketing innovation, I continually explore and learn the latest technology available to the industry. This includes the latest in AI, with a focus on generative AI. By researching, exploring, and testing AI tools daily I become a vital resource in smarter, faster, and more efficient strategy deployment.

My experience spans a diverse range of industries and clients, from burgeoning startups to well-established enterprises. This broad spectrum of experience sharpens my skills in navigating different market dynamics and customizing strategies to align with specific business goals and challenges. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, I take a personalized approach to ensure a deep understanding of specific needs, providing tailor-made solutions.


I am committed to becoming a true partner to my clients, fully invested in the success of their business. I strive to help them achieve their growth objectives through collaborative efforts, strategic guidance, and hands-on support, assisting them in unlocking their full marketing potential and achieving enduring success in the rapidly evolving business landscape.