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Angie Carel

As a Fractional C(AI)MO, Angie provides flexible, strategic leadership tailored to the needs of small to midsize businesses and startups. Her services are focused on facilitating the adoption of generative AI, helping businesses seamlessly integrate AI technologies to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and drive innovation.


Angie works with a select clientele, allowing her to dedicate time to continually grow and learn in her role, ensuring she brings the latest insights to her clients.

Key Services:

  • AI Opportunity Identification and Use Case Development: Pinpoint potential AI applications and develop effective use cases tailored to your business needs.

  • AI Integration: Selection of generative AI tools, automation of business processes, and performance analytics to enhance efficiency and insights. Angie ensures that AI technologies are seamlessly integrated into your business strategies.

  • Policy Guidance: Development and implementation of policies to govern AI usage within your organization, ensuring ethical and effective AI practices.

  • Internal AI Team Building: Guidance on building and structuring an internal AI team, including recruitment strategies and team development plans.

  • Operational Leadership: Providing leadership training and mentorship to ensure your team thrives in an AI-driven environment. Angie also supports operational structuring to optimize AI adoption.

  • Monthly Learning Workshops: Hands-on sessions to guide internal teams in utilizing AI tools effectively, fostering practical application and upskilling employees.

  • Ongoing Project Management and Support: Managing and evaluating AI implementations with regular reviews to ensure continuous improvement and success.

  • Systematized Approach to AI Adoption: Developing a structured plan for phased AI integration, including a 'Human in the Loop' strategy to balance automation and human oversight.

Engagement Options:

  • Weekly Engagement: Regular, in-depth involvement with strategic oversight, AI integration, policy guidance, and monthly leadership updates. Ideal for businesses requiring consistent support.

  • Bi-Monthly Engagement: Periodic strategic guidance and team development insights, with bi-monthly performance and analytics reporting. Suitable for startups and smaller businesses needing flexible support.

  • Monthly Engagement: Establishing a solid AI foundation with quarterly updates, initial team structure, hiring strategy guidance, and performance insights. Perfect for new businesses with minimal commitment.

  • One-Hour Consultation: Focused sessions providing targeted advice, quick audits, actionable recommendations, and strategy development. Ideal for addressing specific issues or gaining rapid strategic insights.

Fractional C(AI)MO

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