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Personalized AI Advising

Book a 1-on-1 virtual session with Angie for yourself or a member of your team. Get advice that is tailored to you - from the future of work, to how to guide your school age kid through using AI, to the first steps to take as a corporation trying to navigate adoption. $500/hr.

*Sessions cannot be used for press or interviews - all press requests must be emailed to

Angie Carel
Angie Carel Workshop

AI Training/Advising

Corporate AI Days

"AI Days" are professional workshops aimed at preparing business teams for AI adoption. My workshops focus on 3 key areas for successful adoption: The People, The Process, and the Technology. 

They are crafted to: 

  1. Garner team alignment and enthusiasm.

  2. Develop a structured strategy for AI adoption.

  3. Enhance technical understanding and application.

Together, these workshops serve as a launchpad for beginning to utilize AI Technology.

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