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Angie Carel is an advocate for AI literacy for all. She focuses on 4 main topics:

  • ​The Intersection of AI & Marketing

  • Defining Future Career Paths

  • Cultivating a Positive AI Culture, and

  • Ethical and Responsible Use

  • The Intersection of AI and Marketing

  • Defining Your Future Job Title

  • Building a "Positive AI" Culture

  • Ethics and Responsible Use

4 Main Topics

Explore AI’s enormous potential, and risks, with Angie Carel. Unpack concepts, explore the possibilities, and develop the mindset to lead, in a world reshaped by AI-driven disruption and innovation.

Speaking Topics

Artificial Intelligence is a vast and evolving field, offering much to explore and discuss. Despite its complexities and the debates it may spark, AI promises a future filled with potential. Dive into the key topics Angie brings to life in her talks.

The Intersection of AI & Marketing

This talk showcases a broad use of Generative AI tools that can be folded in to  Marketing Systems for creative superpowers. It's designed to motivate you to get started (right now), and touches on the question of 'How do I get started?'

Defining Your Future Career

Aimed toward students and/or parents of students, this is an inspiring talk on the emerging world of opportunities that don't yet exist, and how to be poised to take advantage of them. Sneak Peek: You have to do the hard work. 

Building a "Positive AI" Culture

AI can be met with fear and apprehension. Media headlines are screaming "job loss," and social media is comparing AI to "Terminator"... This talk addresses how to build a POSITIVE and enthusiastic AI culture that embraces opportunities.

Ethics & Responsible Use

Bad guys do bad things, good guys do good things. AI's responsible and ethical use can be an intimidating and tumultuous topic. Why not open the door for a lively, productive conversation amongst members - or key -players - of your organization?

I was so inspired after Angie's speech. I want to learn more! Highly recommend Angie as a valuable authority on AI.

– Audience Member

Candy Cotton

Fees & Details

Whether you're planning a workshop, conference, or private gathering, find  the details here about duration, fees, take-aways, and support to bring Angie to your event.

Have a topic request that's not on the list? Email to discuss.


45 minutes of presentation, 15 minute Q&A to follow. Angie will stick around for up to 30 minutes after event for connecting with audience members.


$2,500/event plus travel and accommodations (if applicable) for groups less than 50. Additional fees for larger groups.


Slide deck with summary of presentation will be provided to event host to distribute to attendees 1 week after event.


Exclusive discount for any of Angie's consultation services, virtual classes, and/or workshops will be extended to all in-person attendees.

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